“It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great

How meaningful is your career?

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Are you energized or burned out, productive or unproductive, moving forward or stalled, inspired or bored, valued or under-appreciated?

Have you lost interest in what you do to bring home a paycheck?

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Being burned out, unproductive, stalled, bored, or under-appreciated could be signs that your work is no longer meaningful to you. Or, maybe your career was never all that meaningful in the first place, but it has enabled a certain lifestyle, so you’ve trudged along and have avoided questioning it – until now.

What does meaningful work feel like anyway?

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It makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. You have a sense of purpose and feel you’re making a difference. Meaningful work warms your heart and nourishes your soul. You feel fully alive because your work is an expression of your deepest self. It is your life’s calling.

I am Janet Birgenheier, the meaningful career coach.

Janet Birgenheier

I can guide you to realize your vision for meaningful life's work. If you’re ready to step off the treadmill, bust the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from making positive change, adopt empowering new beliefs, identify a meaningful career, and embrace accountability for realizing it, I can help. Read more about me


"Janet is a highly skilled and effective career coach. She is able to seamlessly balance empowering her clients with self-discovery and autonomy while also giving valuable insight from her decades of experience in the professional world. I highly recommend Janet to anybody who is either looking to transition to a more fulfilling career or would like to re-ignite their passions in their current position."

Hayden Lee, PCC Lead Trainer, Essential Coach Training

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