Coaching Session Logistics

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How many coaching sessions do I need?

That depends on the complexity of your career goals. We design a customized package of sessions that best meets your needs and fits within your budget.

How often do we meet for coaching sessions?

The frequency of our coaching sessions is driven by your goals and availability. Many clients prefer every other week, but some clients like to meet more or less frequently than that. We create the schedule that works best for you.

How long is each coaching session?

Coaching sessions are generally one hour long.

What happens between coaching sessions?

To advance the coaching process and support your goals, we typically agree on "homework" assignments for you to complete between sessions. And, I offer email and text support between sessions as appropriate.

Where do we meet?

If you live in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area, we can meet in person. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I am available at 9901 NE 7th Avenue, Building B, Suite B231, Vancouver, WA, 98685. On other days, we can arrange to meet elsewhere locally.

If you live outside the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area, we can meet by phone or Skype.

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