Guiding Your Career Journey

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How do we work together?

We co-design an alliance in which I guide you through a process to clarify and achieve your desired career goals.

As a coach, I don’t give you the answers to career fulfillment. Instead, I carefully guide you to discover your own answers. (The coaching process assumes that you are resourceful, creative, and in the best position to devise solutions that work for you.) I challenge you to stretch and grow. I ask you thought-provoking questions that you may have never asked yourself. I listen deeply as you express out loud – maybe for the first time ever – your heart’s yearning for meaningful work. And, I partner with you to create action steps for which I hold you accountable so you can realize your vision for meaningful work.

Our work is entirely confidential and is conducted in an emotionally safe environment.

Coaching is different than mentoring, therapy, and mental health counseling. 

  • Mentors are experts in a field in which they have more knowledge and experience than their clients.
  • Therapists and mental health counselors, who are required to be licensed, make diagnoses, develop treatment plans, and often delve into the past, whereas coaches are focused on the future. (Coaches are often certified, but are not required to be licensed.)

You can expect me to:

  • Encourage, support, and believe in you
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Collaborate with you on the agenda for each session
  • Bring us back to the agenda if we wander too far astray
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Listen deeply
  • Stimulate your self-awareness
  • Challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, bust self-limiting beliefs, discard old habits that keep you stuck, and adopt new habits that move you forward
  • Provide insights, perspectives, and tools to facilitate goal setting, strategy, and execution
  • Hold you accountable for completing your action steps

To maximize your success, I expect you to be:

  • Seeking self-reflection and personal growth
  • Committed to the coaching process
  • Open and honest with me
  • Willing and able to adopt a positive outlook
  • Accountable for your goals, action steps, decisions, and life
  • Responsible for your own results
  • Sharing feedback on the coaching process and what you need from me