My Coaching Model

compass in hand

Inner-Driven Journey to Meaningful Work

I frame my coaching in a model that I call the “Inner-Driven Journey to Meaningful Work.” Discovering meaningful work is a personal journey that begins within yourself. Meaningful work is the outward expression of your inner self, i.e., your intrinsic motivation. The journey begins by clarifying your intrinsic motivation – your values, passions, and strengths. This, in turn, drives your career choice of a vision and mission for meaningful work. Once you have made your career choice by committing to your vision and mission, you are ready to align your inner self with the external world. You are ready to plan, launch, and nurture your career.



  • Values – qualities, principles, beliefs, and standards that are vitally important to you
  • Passions – activities and interests that deeply resonate with you because they are based on your values
  • Strengths – your talents, gifts, and positive character traits (Strengths are innate in contrast to skills, which are acquired.)
  • Vision & mission – Your vision and mission are driven by your values, passions, and strengths.
    • Your vision is an aspirational description of your future work life in a specific timeframe. It captures how you have leveraged your values, passions, and strengths to discover meaningful work – stated as if this has already taken place! It describes what you aspire to do in your work life.
    • Your mission is a statement of the purpose of your chosen work, i.e., the intention behind your work in the context of a career field. The point of articulating a mission is to ensure that you are working on purpose, i.e., that your work has intentional meaning for you. It describes the “why” behind your chosen work.

I draw from a wide variety of tools, exercises, processes, and assessments to guide you along your journey to meaningful work. A few examples include vision exercises, Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder instrument, brainstorming activities, and other resources.