On target



"I had a great experience working with Janet to plan my next career move. She used a mix of relevant exercises, reading, and conversations to help me determine what is important to me and what my strengths are, and ultimately what to look for in an ideal role. With her help, I made a job change and couldn't be happier!"

Anne Ottersburg Senior Operational Insights Manager, T-Mobile July 17, 2018

"Janet is a highly skilled and effective career coach. I was looking for someone to help guide me in a career change after 20 years with the same organization. Janet was patient and gave great insight to get me thinking about what I want and where I want to be. Janet helped me to see my strengths and skills when I was not able to. I feel empowered with my job search and know I will find the right position for me. I would highly recommend Janet. You will not be disappointed."

Kim Benson Co-President/Owner, 4 Paws Investment July 17, 2018

"Janet has been fundamental to my ability to change careers after 30 years and successfully begin my own business. As a coach and professional mentor, she is able to ask the right questions in order to help bring solutions and ideas to the forefront for her clients. Janet brings a high level of presence and organization to her coaching and, with her successful background in leading others through change, she is able to compassionately and directly support people looking to connect with their true path in life. I’ve found Janet to be exceptionally accessible as a coach as she truly cares about her clients’ success!"

Jennifer McCracken Founding Member at Juniper Tree Healing Collective March 28, 2018

“Janet guided me through the career transition process with skill and compassion. She is highly organized and very attuned to the needs of her clients. Janet helped me to see my strengths and to understand how to use them to realize my vision for crafting my own business. I highly recommend Janet as a worthy facilitator to those who are ready to reach for their dreams.”

Diane Toland Wellness Educator October 18, 2017

"Working with Janet on my career transition rendered true results in goal and objective examination and achievement. Janet understood the transition challenges, and she provided excellent tools to facilitate the examination process and concrete coaching objectives. Staying on task was key for me in utilizing Janet's services, and she delivered on this requirement professionally and proficiently."

F. Patton Technology Service & Support Executive November 27, 2016

"Janet is a highly skilled and effective career coach. She is able to seamlessly balance empowering her clients with self-discovery and autonomy while also giving valuable insight from her decades of experience in the professional world. I highly recommend Janet to anybody who is either looking to transition to a more fulfilling career or would like to re-ignite their passions in their current position."

Hayden Lee, PCC Lead Trainer, Essential Coach Training November 27, 2016